Reach Stacker WIP (42062 MOD)

WIP (42062 MOD)

I was really looking forward to building set 42062, especially that fantastic reach stacker. As you can see, it fits very well into the “larger City scale” I’m using, there are even larger reach stackers, compared to the truck. (Please note that there’s room for a minifig driver inside the stacker. The white and blue container truck from the set is a 7w build, so this is clearly meant to be “minifig scale”.)

However, the main aspect was to see if this reach stacker can be used for handling the much larger containers (35×7) I’m dealing with. There’s already the above container truck which allows containers to be locked on the trailer and to be lifted. Of course it would be nice to be able to transfer containers from the truck to, say, a flatbed train car (which does not yet exist).

The main idea here is to be able to grab the containers from above, since otherwise you can’t stack them correctly. For that purpose, the containers have two holes on the top.

Long story short: It’s possible to use the reach stacker for my purposes by modifying the lock mechanism. However, there are quite a few problems:

  • Since these containers are very heavy, you need at least one counterweight (I’ve just put it on top of the reach stacker right now). Plus you can’t use the extension of the boom, that means you can only stack 2 containers in height which is not so nice. Big question: lighter containers or a heavier reach stacker.
  • The lock mechanism is working, however, unlocking is somewhat notchy.
  • Of course the reach stacker must be modified a lot more to get a more City-like look.
  • The steering should be improved to get a better maneuverabilty.

But well, in any case this is a very interesting subject in my opinion, because it allows you to combine several means of transportation and, of course, City and Technic aspects.


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